Cats ......a   fascinating passion.

I have made a passion of mine my hobby.

I began breeding cats and not just any breed but a very special one …..the British shorthair.


In 2005, I began an active search for a particular cat that always fascinated me, the blue cat (Chartreux ??) in the Sheba commercial.  Quite by coincidence, I landed by a nice lady breeding British shorthairs.  There I fell in love with a lovely blue girl with the name of Celestine and adopted her immediately.

I was so impressed by this breed with it’s strong muscular body and legs, the short dense crisp coat, the large round eyes and the sweet round chubby cheeks that gives them a face resembling a chipmunk… can’t help but want to cuddle them; that I decided to go to my first cat show to find out more about them. When I got there I found out that blue was not the only colour you will find.  British shorthairs come in just about all colours, lilac, chocolate, cream, cinnamon and even colour pointed with big beautiful blue eyes!


My next question was, “Where do I find the prettiest colour pointed British shorthairs?” After a lot of research and a 2 ½ hour drive in the car I arrived in Duisburg. There I looked into the most irresistible  round blue eyes with such a sweet open expression  that I became weak in the knees and I had my first chocolate colour pointed baby boy…….a Kaiserzwerg! (Dwarf Emperor). 

I was the happiest person on earth!  


So now that I had my sweet little boy who obviously was not going to stay little and upon the emphatic advice of other experienced breeders, I was busy trying to find the appropriate  young ladies that would meet with the approval of  this rather royal boy.

My next trip, this time 5 hours with the train, brought me to the boarder of Polen. But what I saw there was well worth the trouble.  I was introduced to a little princess so fine that she looked as if she were made of porcelain in the rare colour pointed colour of cinnamon and white….such a beautiful “secret” being the only lady in her litter……Victoria!

Having been born in the USA, I am use to long travel routes but this time even I have met my limits and still I could not resist travelling over the English Channel into the UK, to visit a lovely young lady and my future queen Lilia. A beautiful lilac tabby colour pointed British shorthair with the most brilliant blue eyes and nicest coat I have seen.

And by the way, the LH flight in the cabin home to Frankfurt didn’t seem to bother her at all.



Now that our small family seems to be complete, all we have to do now is hope, wait,  and be happy!


“Patience is a virtue”